First Cataclysm Patch Preview

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, lead systems designer, announced on the official World of Warcraft site that there is a patch being prepared that will introduce some class changes based on the things Blizzards has seen so far in game and based on player feedback. None of the things mentioned in his article are set in stone and Blizzard is still monitoring all the numbers, but there are definitely some patterns that I am guessing will translate into patch changes. In PvE they are not happy with some classes single target damage ( Arcane, Marksman and Beastmaster for example), while healing and tanking seem to be in line with what Blizzard wants. PvP, Stats and additional class-specific changes are also talked about in the article and I suggest you read it by visiting this link here.
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  1. Sandra Garcia says:

    I was reading with interest some of the issues that you are facing. I have been a beast master hunter for 82 levels and now I hate playing her. My melee is more limited and I do believe that my pet is weaker. I have tried some of the other trees but don’t much care for them. I don’t have an active low level hunter so don’t know how it plays out in the lower dungeons. I don’t know how much they have been changed but I do know that there were a lot of trash mobs in many of them and the hunter AoE was very valuable. I have been watching You Tube films on the new dungeons and can see that volley isn’t to valuable there but why you took it away I will never understand. I am glad that you have improved multishot but it is pretty ineffective against trash mobs and it is annoying to have to reaquire when there is a blob of mobs and dps. Even a volley in some of those instances would give the eye a moment to reaquire and not stand there like a nub. I think there is plenty of support in the forums to warrent reconsideration on returning volley.

    I wish that you would stop weakening classes in the name of balance and tweak the weaknesses instead. Don’t pull us down and put us in situations where we can’t cope with quests and dungeons–even regular.

    For me the game is very social so I don’t want to quit it but you sure keep making it less fun. It’s a game so aim to make it fun not just a challenge. I play to relax and don’t want everything to be nail biting, teeth gritting hard. Not everyone is a PvP freak or even end game oriented. Please consider all levels and types of players. Thank you

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