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Welcome to a brand new World of Warcraft fansite – WoW Life. Fansite you say; don’t we have enough of those already? Yes we do, but we wanted to try and give you something different or better than others. We love what all the other sites do for the WoW community, but we had some ideas that we wanted to present ourselves. There are guides that have not been written and walkthroughs that we want to share with you, and unlike some we don’t want to charge for them – just your regular FFA fansite. Who are we to be so bold and offer you advice? We are three friends that have been playing WoW since release (which we celebrated by an epic gaming party that lasted for 3 days non stop leveling. While one was sleeping other was playing and vice versa), and we started this site to aid you in your exploration of the new, shattered lands of Cataclysm. Some of us have not played non stop for the past 6 years and like many of you feel lost in the reinvented game Blizzard is releasing with the Cataclysm expansion. We will try and share our exploration experiences with you as we go through content in form of our unique quest database with screenshot walkthroughs. We will also try to provide instance, event, quest chain guides and walkthroughs with screenshots and videos as often as possible. To top it all of we’ll try and keep up with the most important news from World of Warcraft.

Who we are

File Tricked into playing a druid so he can heal the rest of the group, and still be fun to play hybrid style, he turned to his heart’s true love – rogue – the first chance he got. Raiding his little rogue heart out through vanilla and the Burning Crusade he tried out this new super class Death Knight once Lich hit the shelves and never looked back. Being often the Main Tank and being regular in all of his guild’s raids he has vast knowledge and experience of all the toughest encounters in the game.
Lokesh Man of a thousand alts, hundreds of lvl 80s and gazillions of gold pieces, Lokesh is a true force of nature when it comes to playing WoW. With zealot like dedication to leveling he tears through content like a beast and has leveled so many time to top level that he does it faster than anyone else we know. At the same time he enjoys the economic aspect of the game and making WoW gold has become child’s play for him. I swear, the man makes gold while sleeping.
Mikro On and off WoW veteran that leveled his beloved Shaman Proudhoof to 60 among the first 100 players on his first realm, Shattered Hand (EU). After countless Molten Core raids he tried some priest leveling and never looked back. Helping kill Nefarian was the last 2 month effort he really participated in and Burning Crusade did not sit well with him. Wrath of the Lich King did make him come back to WoW and do some epicness, but why we really keep him around is because he can do PHP.
We hope you enjoy your stay on our site and find the information you are looking for. Srdjan “Mikro” Stanarevic, Editor in Chief Vladimir “File” Teofilovic, Writer and WoW Guru Miki “Lokesh” , Writer and WoW Guru

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