Project Titan, Next Blizzard MMO Confirmed

Several weeks ago there was a rumor floating around that a product slate leaked from Blizzard. reported on this with an image showing supposed Diablo 3 release date as well as World of Warcraft expansion 4 and 5 expected release dates. Among these there is a strange thing called Titan that is supposed to be released in Q4 2013. Gamers speculated that project Titan is the unannounced next gen MMO Blizzard has been rumored to be making. It is not a rumor anymore. At this year’s Video Game Awards Destructoid interviewed Frank Pearce, Senior VP of Blizzard Entertainment. They were bold enough to start their interview with the question: “What is Titan?”. They actually got an answer and yes, Titan is Blizzard’s next gen MMO project. You can see the interview bellow and hear some cool info on the Warcraft movie as well.
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