Coolest New Quest Hub?

Since the Cataclysm, we have been playing very hard to enter as many quests as possible into our quests database. On that journey we come across some of the quests imbued with that good old Blizzard magic. Quests people talk about when they describe WoW. Our questing session took us to Felwood. It is not as changed as some of the other zones and everything looks familiar, yet there is new content everywhere you turn. A small quest hub, consisting of only 2 quest givers, Arcanist Delaris and Eridan Bluewind, can be found a bit east of Ruins of Constellas. The first quest you’ll be doing is given by Delaris and is called Do the Imp-Possible. Why is this so special? This quest starts a series of quests that, when combined, make up words of a song from an anime called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The song is called “Row Row Fight The Power” and it goes like this: Do the Imp-Possible, See the Invisible
ROW ROW Fight the Power
Touch the Untouchable, Break the Unbreakable
You can listen to the original song here:
As if this was not enough, after finishing this quest chain you get to do the quest Open Their Eyes. It involves scaring a bunch of Imps with a special item that generates mini rainbows! If you haven’t heard about the Double Rainbow MeMe, you must have been hiding under a rock. This is Blizzard’s little nod to the internet phenomena all with Imps yelling: “What does it mean”; and sobbing uncontrollably. Watch the original double rainbow video bellow.
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