Precious Waters

Quest Objective:

Bring the filled crystal phial to Tenaron Stormgrip at the top of Aldrassil in Shadowglen.
  • 1. Filled Crystal Phial (Provided)

Ends at: Tenaron Stormgrip

Category: Kalimdor
Area: Teldrassil
Side: Alliance
Level: 5
Required Level: 3


Money: 1s
XP: 450

You get reputation with the following factions:

250 rep points with Darnassus

You get to pick one of the following:

Woodland Shield
Woodland Tunic
Woodland Robes
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  1. kaitlin Jardine says:

    WHAT IF I CAN’T FIND Tenaron Stormgrip? In my game he’s not at his post

  2. max says:


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