The Corpulent One

Starts at: Gamella Cracklefizz

NPC: Gamella Cracklefizz image 1 thumbnail
thanks to: Mikro
NPC: Gamella Cracklefizz image 2 thumbnail
thanks to: Mikro
NPC: Gamella Cracklefizz image 3 thumbnail
thanks to: Mikro

Quest Objective:

Find Borelgore in the northern wastes of Eastern Plaguelands and destroy him.

Ends at: Gamella Cracklefizz

Additional Information

  • Mikro comments: You can find him patrolling the trench I found him in. Just see the screenshot and follow that trench until you bump into the ugly worm.
Category: Eastern Kingdoms
Area: Eastern Plaguelands
Side: Both
Given by: Gamella Cracklefizz
Level: 43
Required Level: 39


Money: 60s
XP: 5050

You get reputation with the following factions:

250 rep points with Argent Crusade

You get to pick one of the following:

Eastwall Gauntlets
Borelgore’s Skin
Corpulent Shoulderpads
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