Rough Roads

Starts at: Argus Highbeacon

NPC: Argus Highbeacon image 1 thumbnail
thanks to: Mikro
NPC: Argus Highbeacon image 2 thumbnail
thanks to: Mikro
NPC: Argus Highbeacon image 3 thumbnail
thanks to: Mikro

Quest Objective:

Slay 13 Plaguebats along the path to Light’s Shield Tower.

Additional Information

  • Mikro comments: Start NPC is on top of the tower at Crown Guard Tower
  • Mikro comments: To get this quest you need to have Fiona’s caravan at Crown Tower and the quest Traveling Companions initiated.
Category: Eastern Kingdoms
Area: Eastern Plaguelands
Side: Both
Given by: Argus Highbeacon
Level: 41
Required Level: 39


Money: 1g 10s
XP: 5700

You get reputation with the following factions:

350 rep points with Argent Crusade

You get to pick one of the following:

Treads of Youth
Crown Guard Armbands
Plaguebat Vest
Slippers of the Lonely Road
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