Blood and Thunder!

Starts at: Legionnaire Nazgrim

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Quest Objective:

Assist Legionnaire Nazgrim in the defense of The Immortal Coil.
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Note: Folow Nazgrim after quest is started and kill Nagas infront of Immortal Coil. Bring non alive 😀
  • 1. Defense of The Immortal Coil Complete

Ends at: Erunak Stonespeaker

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Category: Eastern Kingdoms
Area: Kelp’thar Forest
Side: Horde
Given by: Legionnaire Nazgrim
Level: 81
Required Level: 80


Money: 7g 80s
XP: 27700

You get to pick one of the following:

Hood of the Shuffled Coil
Bracers of Breached Integrity
Schooner-Savior’s Grips
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