Rider on the Storm

Quest Objective:

Use the Raging Vortex Gem at Nijel’s Point Ruin. While commanding your firestorm, kill 40 Nijel’s Point Defenders and burn 15 Nijel’s Point Merchants.

Should you lose your Raging Vortex Gem, you may acquire another from the Ancient Vortex Runestone.
  • 1. Nijel’s Point Defenders Slain (40)
  • 2. Nijel’s Point Merchants Slain (15)
Category: Kalimdor
Area: Desolace
Side: Both
Level: 31
Required Level: 27


Money: 60s
XP: 3150

You get to pick one of the following:

Tranquility of Furien
Nimblefinger Cloak
Flashfire Collar
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