Life of the Party

Starts at: Chip Endale

Quest Objective:

Put on your Awesome Party Ensemble (Cool Shades, Hip New Outfit, and Shiny Bling) and then head over to the party at the KTC Headquarters pool to entertain 10 Kezan Partygoers.
  • 1. Partygoer entertained (10)

Ends at: Sassy Hardwrench

NPC: Sassy Hardwrench image 1 thumbnail
thanks to: Lokesh
NPC: Sassy Hardwrench image 2 thumbnail
thanks to: Lokesh
Category: Elsewhere in Azeroth
Area: Kezan
Side: Both
Given by: Chip Endale
Level: 3
Required Level: 1


Money: 50c
XP: 250

You get reputation with the following factions:

250 rep points with Bilgewater Cartel
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