The Vengeance of Elune

Quest Objective:

Use the powers granted to you by Tarindrella to fight your way to the Heart of Corruption and destroy it. Return to Tarindrella at the Pools of Arlithrien when the task is complete.
  • 1. Bough of Corruption slain
Category: Kalimdor
Area: Teldrassil
Side: Alliance
Level: 10
Required Level: 1
Part of Series


Money: 7s
XP: 1050

You get to pick one of the following:

Revitalizing Wristguards
Britches of Turning Fortune
Uncorrupted Hands
Durable Drape
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  1. FyreStorm says:

    the vengeance of elune powers didnt show up. how do I use them?

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