Cheese for Glowergold

Starts at: Awilo Lon’gomba

Quest Objective:

Combine the empty cheese platter with Aged Dalaran Limburger from the cheese shop “One More Glass” and with 6 Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses found on tables around Dalaran.

Bring the Wine and Cheese platter to Ranid Glowergold at the Leatherworkers in the Magus Commerce Exchange.
  • 1. Wine and Cheese Platter

Ends at: Ranid Glowergold

Category: Professions
Area: Cooking
Side: Horde
Type: Daily
Given by: Awilo Lon’gomba
Required Level: 65


Money: 5g 80s

You get reputation with the following factions:

150 rep points with Kirin Tor

You get the following:

Small Spice Bag
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