Mending Fences

Starts at: Thorim

Quest Objective:

Thorim at the Temple of Storms wants you to Kill Fjorn and 5 Stormforged Iron Giants at Fjorn’s Anvil, east of Dun Niffelem.

Using Thorim’s Charm of Earth will summon his Earthen to fight by your side. The charm requires a Granite Boulder from nearby Fjorn’s Anvil.
  • 1. Fjorn slain
  • 2. Stormforged Iron Giants slain (5)

Ends at: Thorim

Category: Northrend
Area: The Storm Peaks
Side: Both
Given by: Thorim
Level: 80
Required Level: 77


Money: 7g 40s
XP: 22050

You get reputation with the following factions:

22000 rep points with The Sons of Hodir
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