Adding Injury to Insult

Starts at: Lydell

Quest Objective:

Read the Vrykul Insult to Bjorn Halgurdsson in Baleheim, then lead him back to Lydell’s Ambush and help slay him.
  • 1. Bjorn Halgurdsson insulted
  • 2. Bjorn Halgurdsson defeated

Ends at: Lydell

Category: Northrend
Area: Howling Fjord
Side: Horde
Given by: Lydell
Level: 71
Required Level: 68
Part of Series


Money: 9g 40s
XP: 25150

You get reputation with the following factions:

350 rep points with Horde Expedition

You get to pick one of the following:

Bone-Inlaid Bracers
Embossed Ermine Girdle
Magdun Spaulders
Runeplate Helm
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