Heated Battle

Starts at: Ceristrasz

Quest Objective:

Aid Captain Iskandar in holding the canyons by participating in the death of 12 Frigid Ghoul Attackers, 8 Frigid Geist Attackers, and 1 Frigid Abomination Attacker.

Return to Ceristrasz once you have finished this task.
  • 1. Frigid Ghoul Attacker slain (12)
  • 2. Frigid Geist Attacker slain (8)
  • 3. Frigid Abomination Attacker slain

Ends at: Ceristrasz


Money: 5g 60s
XP: 20750

You get reputation with the following factions:

250 rep points with The Wyrmrest Accord
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