Adversarial Blood

Starts at: Hazzik

Quest Objective:

Find the Skull Piles in the middle of the summoning circles of Skettis. Summon and defeat each of the descendants by using 10 Time-Lost Scrolls at the Skull Pile. Return to Hazzik at Blackwind Landing.
  • 1. Darkscreecher Akkarai slain
  • 2. Karrog slain
  • 3. Gezzarak the Huntress slain
  • 4. Vakkiz the Windrager slain
  • 5. Suggested players: 3

Ends at: Hazzik

Category: Outland
Area: Skettis
Side: Both
Type: Group
Given by: Hazzik
Level: 70
Required Level: 70


XP: 15800

You get reputation with the following factions:

350 rep points with Sha’tari Skyguard

You get the following:

Time-Lost Offering
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