A Return to Resting

Starts at: Orfus of Kamagua

Quest Objective:

Use the Bundle of Vrykul Artifacts at the ransacked burial mounds of Shield Hill to return the Frozen Heart of Isuldof, the Shield of the Aesirites, the Staff of Storm’s Fury and the Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir.

Return to Orfus of Kamagua at the Ancient Lift should you succeed.
  • 1. Shield of the Aesirites Returned
  • 2. Staff of Storm’s Fury Returned
  • 3. Frozen Heart of Isuldof Returned
  • 4. Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir Returned

Ends at: Orfus of Kamagua

Category: Northrend
Area: Howling Fjord
Side: Both
Given by: Orfus of Kamagua
Level: 71
Required Level: 68
Part of Series


XP: 20100

You get reputation with the following factions:

250 rep points with The Kalu’ak
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