The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid

Starts at: Commander Hobb

Quest Objective:

Assist Commander Hobb and the Scryers in defending the Sanctum of the Stars. Once all of the Dragonmaw forces have been defeated, return to Overlord Mor’ghor at Dragonmaw Base Camp with the Scryer Medals.
  • 1. Dragonmaw Forces Defeated
  • 2. Scryer Medals (Provided)
  • 3. Suggested players: 3

Ends at: Overlord Mor’ghor

Category: Outland
Area: Shadowmoon Valley
Side: Both
Type: Daily Group
Given by: Commander Hobb
Level: 70
Required Level: 70


Money: 8g 80s
XP: 15800

You get reputation with the following factions:

500 rep points with Netherwing
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