Evil Draws Near

Starts at: Oakun

Quest Objective:

Oakun wants you to take the Dread Relic to the Writhing Mound. Once there, kill Auchenai Death-Speakers and Auchenai Doomsayers to collect 20 Doom Skulls. Then find the Writhing Mound Summoning Circle and use the Dread Relic to summon and destroy Teribus the Cursed. Return to Oakun when the deed is done.
  • 1. Teribus the Cursed slain
  • 2. Dread Relic (Provided)
  • 3. Suggested players: 3

Ends at: Oakun

Category: Outland
Area: Terokkar Forest
Side: Both
Type: Group
Given by: Oakun
Level: 65
Required Level: 63
Part of Series


XP: 11000

You get reputation with the following factions:

350 rep points with The Sha’tar

You get to pick one of the following:

Dragonbone Greatsword
Dragonbone Shoulders
Dragonbone Talisman
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