1043 Quest Walkthroughs in Three Weeks

It has been about 2 weeks since Cataclysm launched and we have been very busy all this time trying to do as many quests as possible, so we can provide you with screenshots that will help and guide you through some of the more difficult steps. I am proud to announce that more than a thousand quests have had screenshot walkthroughs added to them and that most of the Cataclysm content has been covered in this short time. You can imagine how taking screenshots for every quest we come across in the game and than uploading them along with helpful commentary can be a time consuming process. To go through so many quests and content in such a short period is an achievement (in my opinion) that deserves a custom title from Blizzard :). We are only getting started though. Our goal is to go through lower level content as well and over time cover the whole game with helpful guides of all sorts. The fact that we have seen constant rise of visitors in this very short time period we have been online (less than a month) seems to point to the fact that we are doing something people want to see. We thank you all for visiting the site and we’ll do our best to improve the quality of content you can find at WoW Life in the months to come. Your grind masters, Lokesh, File and Mikro
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