Throne of the Tides Boss Ozumat Video Guide *updated

Throne of the Tides is the first instance you’ll come across in Cataclysm. Do not skipt this instance because it provides a unique experience with its underwater setting and fun encounters. Ozumat, last boss of the instance, is one of the most unique encounter we’ve seen in MMORPG games so far. In our quest to provide you with as many guides and information as possible for every game aspect we started making videos of instances and boss en counters. Ozumat has that honor to be the subject of our first video walkthrough. We’ll continue making these and adding them to the Instance loot and boss pages.
Update: Here is another boss kill video tutorial for Erunak Stonespeaker/Mindbender Ghur’sha that has also been added to the Throne of the Tides bosses and loot page:
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