Slow-roasted Turkey

Starts at: Miles Standish

NPC: Miles Standish image 1 thumbnail
thanks to: Lokesh

Quest Objective:

Make 5 Slow-Roasted Turkeys and bring them to Francis Eaton near the gates of Orgrimmar.
  • 1. Prepare Slow-Roasted Turkey (5)
    Quest: Slow-roasted Turkey, objective 1, step 1 image 221 thumbnail
    thanks to: Lokesh
  • 2. Slow-Roasted Turkey (5)

Ends at: Francis Eaton

NPC: Francis Eaton image 1 thumbnail
thanks to: Lokesh
Category: World Events
Area: Pilgrim’s Bounty
Side: Horde
Given by: Miles Standish
Required Level: 1


You get reputation with the following factions:

75 rep points with Orgrimmar

You get the following:

Turkey Caller
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