Just Like Old Times

Quest Objective:

Collect the Sealed Folder from the Forsaken Courier.
  • 1. Sealed Folder
Category: Eastern Kingdoms
Area: Arathi Highlands
Side: Alliance
Level: 28
Required Level: 26
Part of Series


Money: 25s
XP: 3400

You get reputation with the following factions:

250 rep points with Stormwind
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2 Responses to Just Like Old Times

  1. Carol Ramsey says:

    This quest too did not have a happy ending. No folder — anywhere. Not that I am really surprised. Since the last few revisions, more and more quests are unfinishable – for a multitude of reasons. Why so many bugs now after so long of without I just cannot fathom.

  2. Carol Ramsey says:

    whoops – found the courier – my bad!

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